Monday, November 12, 2007

How I got started coin collecting

It all started when i was about 12 years old. Me and a friend were rummaging through and old barn. I found a box of old books. I can only remember the one. It was a blue book "Handbook to US coins" The year was 73 or 74. I believe I found it in 1982.

I took it home with me. I remember looking through it and I realized it had values for coins. I also noticed the value of some newer coins I had were worth more than face value. I knew nothing at the time about coin grades. So when I went through my change I had a nickel that was worth a couple pennies more.

That started my interest in coins . But I guess it ran its course. About two months later I lost interest in going through every piece of change and finding coins that were worth a few cents more. Change was hard to come by to me back then. I always needed a soda or candy bar or something important like that.

Not until about 1995 was I to become interested again in coins. I was working At a fast food place. I was working the register. A man pulled some change from his pocket. He was counting throuh it , I noticed a funny looking coin in his hand I was hoping he would spend it. He did. I waited until he was away and then looked at the coin more closely. It had the date 1943 and appeared to be a dime(That's what I counted it as). I bought it from the register. I finally ended up calling a coin dealer I found in the phone book. Told him of my great fortune. I was hoping he would tell me it was worth hundreds. Nope turns out it was about .30 - .35 cents at the time. Oh well.

Now I have been digging through coins ever since. I have found quite a few coins and paper money in regular circulation that were pretty decent finds.

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