Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Things People Spend

My wife has had various retail jobs. She has pulled a few good coins for me from circulation. She pulls all the silver and wheat pennies she finds. I used to come home from work and she would usually have a penny or a dime waiting for me to inspect. They just ended up in my purple crown royal bag. Nothing ever worth much, but still worth saving. I have $4.67 cents now in that bag. 3 quarters 1964, 12 Roosevelt dimes and the rest wheats.

One day I came home. She said she had five coins for me. I thought cool probably just pennies. But still eager to look at them. I get excited when i see her digging them out of her purse. I know there not pennies or dimes or quarters. First thought is Ikes. Then I am handed 3 1925 peace dollars and 2 1921 morgans. Well circulated, but hell they only cost a dollar apiece. She said some kid was buying five dollars in gas. That he was probably 16 or 17. I was thinking hmmm, his dad probably isn't going to be very happy if he notices those missing. I kinda felt guilty about it. I know I didn't steal them but they were probably gotten that way. I do still have them and the guilt didn't take long to subside.

My wife quit that job a couple of months later. I was kinda still hoping he would come back and buy some more gas. Maybe with a full set of mercury dimes . He never did though and my wife said she would not continue working there just so I could see.

This was about five years ago. I still wonder if he ever came back and spent some more. If he did what did I miss out on. Ohh well. Just goes to show, you can still find good coins out there.

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Mark said...

Your story reminds me of my mom who worked for years in a money room at a thoroughbred racetrack. She was always bringing home coins (mainly silver dimes) for me. I miss those days!!