Saturday, December 8, 2007

Coins Lost and Found Again

A few years back I bought a metal detector off EBay. It was a Bounty Hunter Pioneer 202. Paid about $150 for it. I thought just maybe I would find a treasure trove of coins around some old house foundations where my parents lived in southern Missouri. I did find some interesting stuff, nothing valuable except for an axe head that dated back to early 1800's (or so I was told).

As for coins I found 8 wheat pennies, all 40's and 50's. One Indian penny 1899. And about $5.50 in common date coins, mostly pennies and dimes. After searching most of the old house sites I checked out my parents yard. They live in an old house built in the late 1800's out in the middle of nowhere on the Gasconade river. I found a few coins, nothing special. I did find one of those big two person saws in her front yard. I thought that was kinda neat.

I seemed to have a little luck everywhere I tried, so why not my yard I thought. We live in a pretty old town. Our house was built in 1928. I didn't think I would find much, but I had nothing better to do. So there I was digging up holes in my yard. Some of them rather large. My wife just watched and shook her head. I found alot of pennies and some quarters all common dates. I gave up after a weekend of digging. My metal detector found its way into my closet where it sat for a couple of years.

Then one spring I decided to build a water garden. About 2000 gallons. I had to dig a pretty big hole. Then the metal detector entered my mind when I seen that big pile of loose dirt. So off I went to fetch it. After changing the batteries I went to searching the pile of potentially treasure laden dirt. I found ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. So I about gave up. Before I turned it off, I made a few swipes in the hole I had dug. My heart raced when I heard a definite hit. Sounded good. I started digging with a spade I used. Not 4 inches down( which would have made it about 3 feet before digging the hole) I seen the outline of a coin. when I rubbed the dirt away I seen a seated liberty outline. I was ecstatic. I ran in the house and carefully washed the dirt away. I thought what the hell it's been in the ground forever anyway, surely I can't hurt it that much. It wasn't like it was BU.

Then moments later I had a 1855 seated half dime perched in between my thumb and forefinger. All I did was stare at it. I hollered for my wife. She came running. Then when I told her to look at the treasure I had just dug up in the backyard she hollered at me for scaring her. Said she though that something was horribly wrong from the way I was screaming for her. Then she seemed kind of excited also. She asked me how much it was worth. My best guess was ten or fifteen dollars. She just left the room after I informed her of its probable value.

Oh well, It was worth the hundred and fifty dollars for the detector. I haven't found any more coins with it. It's now back in the closet. I am just waiting for the next time it comes out. Maybe I'll find a 16d mercury dime or something. Sure is fun dreaming. So just keep looking. You never know what you will find.

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